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Call of Duty Elite Xbox 360 Beta Goes Live (Hot News!)

Activision has deemed a chosen few to be worthy of the adjective “Elite,” as the publisher today said it launched the invite-only Xbox 360 beta for the upcoming Call of Duty Elite subscription service.”         - Brendan Sinclair, Gamespot

That’s right! The Call Of Duty: Elite beta is now live! Activision stated that only a few lucky select users were chosen for the beta. The actual service will be free-for all, but will include numerous paid services. 

Activision also announced that there will be a paid service that will be a live action video series with Hollywood actors and will be a special gift for the COD community. 

Although we know nothing else, expect more news since the beta testing has begun.

For a detailed look at what will be free and what will not, go here.

To sign up for the beta go here 

That is all for now…

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